Secure Solutions at Scale

Voyager Software is a software development and IT company focused on helping our customers meet their objectives by leveraging cutting edge technologies and DevSecOps practices to provide secure, scalable and reliable solutions.

Design, Develop, Deploy, Iterate

Leveraging DevSecOps to provide secure, scalable, and reliable solutions

At Voyager we employ the latest DevSecOps processes and tools to architect secure, scalable, and reliable solutions. We are continuously reviewing our processes and performance to ensure that our customers receive the best possible solutions. 


Application Development

We have experience developing and maintaining a wide array of software projects from mobile applications to enterprise applications for the public sector.

DevSecOps Consulting

Learning about and adopting DevSecOps processes and tools can be daunting for many organizations. We help our customer's work through this by providing domain expertise, training, and engineering support.

Systems Integration

We leverage our systems engineering and cloud expertise to support our customer's need to efficiently and securely adopt new technologies, enabling them to expand and enhance their existing capabilities.

Systems Engineering

We understand that aligning IT systems with overall strategic vision and goals can be challenging for many organizations due to a number of factors such as compliance requirements, lack of IT expertise, existing solution lock-in, etc. Voyager helps our customers through this by providing domain expertise and engineering resources.

Research & Development

At Voyager we truly believe in being life long learners. To that end we are constantly researching new technologies and exploring use cases that we believe will be valuable to our customer base in the future.

Process Automation

We have seen first hand the increase in efficiency and time savings that can be enabled through automation. Voyager leverages automation in many facets of our business and IT operations and believe that our customers can benefit from it as well. Our engineering team's experience in implementing automation both internally and externally allows us to quickly identify use cases and implement solutions.

Why Voyager?


We are a truly independent firm. We are not resellers, and have the experience and expertise to work with many different platforms and tools. This allows us to take an unbiased approach to the unique problems that our customers face and recommend what we believe are the best possible solutions.

Our Team

Our industry-leading compensation packages allow us to employ some of the most talented people in the industry. We are proud to say that our employees are our greatest asset and we provide every tool we can to enable our employees to grow their knowledge and further their careers.


At our core we are a solutions architecting firm, and we apply the well-architected framework to every challenge we face. This means that from the outset of the project we will be focused on security, reliability, sustainability, performance, cost optimization, and operational excellence.

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