Our Mission

Our mission at Voyager Software is to provide high quality, innovative, and secure solutions to our customers. We value innovation, ingenuity, and efficiency and we are constantly improving our development processes to ensure our customers are getting the best solutions possible.

Solutions & Services

Software Development

The Voyager Software team has years of experience developing, updating, maintaining, deploying and securing both custom and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications. We utilize an agile approach in our software development efforts that allows us to quickly adapt to changing requirements with minimal impact on delivery schedules, as well as quickly and efficiently perform patching or updates on live web applications. We have experience deploying solutions in many different hosting environments including Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud Engine, as well as on-premise and hybrid deployments. Our team has experience with a wide variety of web applications frameworks and languages including, but not limited to ReactJS, Angular, Express, Django, Ruby on Rails, and JQuery, Java, C++, and .NET as well as backend database technologies such as MongoDB, CassandraDB, DynamoDB, and several different SQL distributions.

Systems Engineering & Integration

Voyager’s employees have a wide range of specialties from cyber security to software development to networking. This wide range of services allows us to offer end to end support for any IT project from start to finish, whether it be designing and deploying a new datacenter, or integrating COTS solutions into your existing infrastructure. We have experience deploying many different hardware and software solutions, both COTS and custom, in a variety of environments including on-premise environments, cloud environments, and hybrid environments. We are very familiar with deploying and configuring monitoring tools such as Splunk, Prometheus, and ELK stack, allowing you to monitor your environment health and capture and aggregate all necessary data from your environments. We also have the capability to automate infrastructure deployment and configuration using tools such as Ansible, Splunk, Terraform, and several others. We can leverage these tools to help our customers in many ways such as allowing automatic provisioning of virtual infrastructure, automatic configuration of new and existing infrastructure, automated cyber security auditing, and more.


Voyager recognizes the increasing importance of cyber security and ensure that security is our top priority in all the work that we do. We offer many different cyber security services including network penetration testing, application penetration testing, network security monitoring, cybersecurity posture assessments, and cybersecurity consulting. We have experience applying industry standard security controls, such as DISA STIGs and NIST guidelines, to existing hardware and software with minimal interruptions to functionality. We can work with your organization to identify your cybersecurity needs, including any regulatory guidelines that may apply to your business, and help you to establish and maintain a strong cybersecurity posture.

Cloud Services

More and more organizations are moving their infrastructure to the cloud due to the scalability and flexibility that it provides. On demand virtual hardware and automatic scaling can save companies thousands of dollars a month by allowing them to scale in real time rather than constantly paying for hardware that is not being fully utilized. Voyager has experience migrating customer applications and infrastructure to the cloud as well as building out brand new cloud infrastructures for our clients. We are very familiar with many of the major cloud providers including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Engine, and IBM Cloud. This familiarity allows us to take advantage of lesser known services that these cloud providers offer in order to save our customer’s money and time.

About Us

Voyager Software is a small software company located in Jefferson County, West Virginia. Our company is built on the grounds of innovation, organization, hard work, and the drive to enable our customers to succeed. Our experience in software development and implementation, networking, cybersecurity, and innovation is what separates us from the rest. It is our goal to help you expand and succeed. Let's begin the quest for a better tomorrow together.

Meet the Executives

Zachary Stauffer | CEO

Zachary's job at Voyager is to handle the day to day business operations of the company as well as establish the company's technical and business strategies. Zachary's background is in supporting federal government organizations as a software engineer and technical team lead.

Elliott Kletter | COO

Elliott handles business development for Voyager as well as devising Voyager's operational strategies. Elliott's past experience has primarily been in supporting federal organizations as a cybersecurity specialist.

Andrew Dopson | CTO

Andrew directly manages the engineering teams at Voyager and helps to set our technical policies, procedures, and future technical endeavors. In the past Andrew has worked as both a software engineer and a systems engineer supporting federal clients.

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